Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding ideas, are you looking for that? Before this article leads you what to consider in having an outdoor wedding should you know the advantages of it. Some couples would like to have an outdoor wedding because they want to have a special moment in their life. So outdoor wedding ideas come across their head and remove the indoor wedding party quickly for some reasons such as:

Outdoor party will give them and guests different ambience. Indoor party only gives a limited space no matter how big the building is the space is as limit as it room.

But having outdoor wedding ideas and implemented it in beach, garden or any special outdoor wedding venue will give the couple, family and guests free space. And commonly outdoor wedding party will give more beautiful scene to view, take picture or even play area for kids.

That’s why outdoor wedding ideas are now offer a lot from wedding planner or organizer.
Now what outdoor wedding ideas you need to know to have a perfect outdoor wedding party? Check out these tips below.
1. Wedding Venue. Well, this is the first thing you need to really pay attention about. Before you discuss another outdoor wedding ideas with your couple should both of you talk about this idea number one. The choice of venue will influence your guest comforting. And the right choice of venue will decide other outdoor wedding ideas because once you know where to have it you’ll find the big picture what you should do.
2. Decorations. The second outdoor wedding ideas you need to consider about is the decorations that suit to the venue or theme you want to. But remember that it should be better if you find the venue first then adjusting the theme than on the contrary. Because the aim of outdoor wedding ideas is to make your guests comfortable and having another experience. So, make sure that your decorations match to the venue and make your guests enjoy.

outdoor wedding ideas

outdoor wedding ideas

3. Weather. In these days that you can’t predict what will happen next days is better you to have a backup outdoor wedding ideas for prevent the worse weather. To handle this, you can add to your decorations some marquee or marquise to protect your wedding guests from bad weather. Prepare for the worse should be your checklist on your many outdoor wedding ideas to have a perfect party.
4. Bugs and Insect. Both flying or ground bugs and insects should be your next consideration. You can insert candles or bug controller in your outdoor wedding ideas as a should-there-tools so you no need to imagine your guests swat round and round or being itchy.
5. Menus. You need to put this as your next outdoor wedding ideas. Make sure the menus are complete and fulfill your guests need. So please serve them in many variant beverages and dishes.
6. Dress code. Perhaps you need this or perhaps not. But once you decide what’s the theme is then this dress code outdoor wedding ideas should be your attention.
7. Plan B. Last but not least, you should have other outdoor wedding ideas such as a portable air conditioner if the weather is really hot or minimize semi-glass building if the rain comes so you can accommodate the guests inside.

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